Born in Wroclaw, Anna Borcz graduated from Wroclaw University and Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts. An active artist, she also teaches the students at the Landscape Architecture Department of Wroclaw Natural University. In 2006, she received her doctoral title in Fine Arts, specialization of Painting, at Nicholaus Copernicus University in Torun. In her artistic exploration, she combines traditional painting and design with collage and photography. Participant of numerous fine arts exhibitions, both individual and group venues in Poland and abroad (Germany, France, Ukraine, Switzerland, Russia, Moldova, Finland, Romania). Member of Polish Fine Arts Society from 1993, from 2008 an active member of the International Association of Arts and Culture Professionals ‘Markis’ in Moldova, Russia and Ukraine, as well as the ‘Krug’ association in Russia, acting as formal representative of both associations in Poland. Works of Anna Borcz are featured in private collections in Europe, the USA and Canada.

Author of several monographs and press articles on art history, as well as painting and design teaching. An active participant of the International Symposiums of Painters in Ukraine, Montenegro, Moldova, Germany and Russia. Manager and curator of several international plain-air venues in Poland, and the Summer School of Landscape Architecture for students and teachers of art. Anna Borcz is a generous supporter of charity events, active organizer of art and photo exhibitions, designer of posters and cover art for numerous publications. In 2009, she was awarded a 2nd grade individual achievement Rector Prize for her scientific research work.